How CASIGYs Can Become Social-Emotional ACES

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Many highly sensitive, creative, gifted or twice exceptional people struggle to find their balance emotionally. It’s not that they don’t have emotions or aren’t in touch with their feelings, but they tell me that they are often challenged in finding ways to cope with them and manage them.

ppp4Why are social & emotional needs so crucial and yet so difficult for so many CASIGYs™, (Creative, Super- Sensitive, Intense,  and/or Gifted You-s), AKA Highly Sensitive, Gifted or Twice Exceptional People? One thing I see is that often our high sensitivity makes highly in tune to things like the cultural, familial or organizational taboos against feeling and expressing emotions while at the same time it heightens our own perception of our own and others’ emotions.

Having high sensitivity also means, among other things, that we have both a more perceptive and a more reactive Central Nervous System. It can be disconcerting to perceive things that others around us do not. What’s real and what’s not real? Is a question that may quickly follow, and begs for us to learn to trust ourselves deeply and to “see that we see, hear what we hear and know what we know”. But how does a highly sensitive person do this? Society teaches us to question what we see, hear and know and to defer to what is officially seen, heard and known. So in a sense, we have to be a bit subversive in order to do the opposite. That takes courage and willingness to forge our own pathways.

In a different vein, when our emotions are intense and move quickly, it can seem like we have an emotional volcano happening inside of us and erupting all over us and everyone around us. This can leave us in the position of having to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess of the aftermath following such an eruption.

Webinar-my-webiste-on-computer-screenThese are just a few of the scenarios that have prompted me help CASIGYs™ become Social & Emotional ACES. An Ace, of course, is someone who is highly skilled at something, so a Social & Emotional ACE is a master of social and emotional skills. These are mind-body skills, so they take practice to cultivate and develop.

Which is another reason that I’m developing an HSP GT-2E Social-Emotional ACES Program. You can find more info about this program here.



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