Catch and Release Living is Simply This

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Catch and release living is simply this: Breathe in; feel it (all of what you are experiencing physically and emotionally right now). Breathe out; release it (all of what you are experiencing physically and emotionally right now). Then again: Breathe in, feel it. Breathe out, release it. ScrapLady Sharon Barnes Related Posts:Relaxation Breathing ExercisesLife’s A Bicycle – How to Balance Your Life LikeHow to Heal from Life’s Hurts-An Intuitive, Creative…Healing Trauma in Creative, Sensitive and Gifted PeopleCommunication IsRemembering Columbine: Helping Creative, Highly Sensitive…How to Prevent Holiday Meltdowns!New Client Forms

Follow Your Own CASIGY Trail

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Follow your own CASIGY trail through deep dark woods of despair, through deserts of dreariness, through terrors of deep knowing through the void of the unknown through inner earthquakes and cyclones to heights of mythic transformation. ScrapLady Sharon Barnes Related Posts:Have the Courage to Follow Your TalentCreative Coping, Healing and TransformationRevisiting #Be WeirdLife is an ArtTurn Aside Your Dream and It Will Come Back to You AgainMerry Christmas! (What Does That Mean?)Find The Magic in Being a CASIGY™ MisfitCreative and Contemplative Handwork Is a Deep Practice

Where Love Is

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Where love, is, there is God also – Leo Tolstoy Related Posts:Openness to Love’s Many FormsWhat Memory, Art and Love are to the SoulDisappointments in Love, Betrayals and Losses7 Sensitive, Gifted Secrets to Have the Love You Want…Tips for Starting the New Year Off RightSensitive Gifted New Years ToolsI Hate Mothers DayWebinars

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I Hate Mothers Day

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Reflections on How to to Heal our Lives, Feed our Souls, and Grow our Dreams I hate Mother’s Day. Awful though it sounds, I’ve hated mother’s day for a very long time.  I’ve also felt guilty that I hated it. I also know it’s not politically correct, so I’ve not said out loud. But it’s time to admit it. I hate Mother’s Day. I first hated it when I was in my twenties. I felt hurt and angry at my mother for many things that she had done or not done that hurt me when I was young. The more …

Remembering Columbine: Helping Creative, Highly Sensitive & Gifted Adults Heal from Trauma

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Ten years ago today my husband Gary and I connected for a rare lunch together. As we munched on our sandwiches under a restaurant patio umbrella, we saw police car after police car roaring south on Wadsworth Blvd, sirens wailing . Chills went up and down my spine as we also heard the rumble of helicopters. We saw that they were all heading for Columbine-our new neighborhood, where we had lived for only six weeks.  Later that day, we were horrified along with everyone else as we learned about the tragedy at Columbine High School. Today is a day of …