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How to Transform as You Come Back From Adversity

Sock Doll Hannah

Hannah, a doll made from a stray sock, is quite a helpless creature.

Hannah sometimes has days with her face in the dirt, like a caterpillar.Caterpillar Hannah



When she can’t take any more of life’s dirt, she creates a cocoon for herself,Cozy Hannah
Where she can heal, rejuvenate and recreate herself.

But eventually the cocoon becomes a prison, and she finds a way to break out.Hannah the Comeback Queen
As she emerges, she discovers that while cocooning, she has been transformed.

Hannah is helpless no longer; she can fly wherever she pleases.Hannah's wings

Helpless Hannah has become the Comeback Queen!

By following Hannah’s process from caterpillar-in-the-dirt through close-up Hannah + wingspinning a cocoon, you too can find a way to transform as you come back from the adversity in your life.

-ScrapLady Sharon

Featured Quote

Consider beginning to honor the resistance, consider getting to know the critic. The critic holds very valuable information. The critic holds our deepest fears; resistance shows us we are on the right track. If we shift our perspective, the critic can be seen as trying to spare us the pain of change, the shame of fear. Our critic discourages us from doing things which are perceived as dangerous.

— Pat Allen, Art is Way of Knowing