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CASIGY™ Tool Box!

The CASIGY™ Tool Box Contains Tools to help CASIGYs thrive, heal, become fully alive and fulfill your destiny.
More are added periodically, so come back often to see what’s new! These are copyrighted downloadable files for your personal use only. You may share the link to these files as much as you wish, and please respect my copyright (or that of the other author(s). Just click on each title below, and the PDF will open up in your browser.  They are organized in alphabetical order, for ease in finding them. Feel free to browse and use the tools that you find helpful now and return later to explore the others at another time.
If you have questions about any of them, feel free to phone me at 303-987-0346 or  email me .
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The deepest pain, when fully held and suffered in the heart’s vessel, can be gradually distilled into the redemptive.

— The Book of Symbols