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There’s Magic in Being a CASIGY MisFit

For CASIGY’s (Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-sensitive, Intense, Gifted You), our differences and vulnerabilities can be big obstacles to finding our passion(s) and fulfill our mission(s) in life. Gifted adults, teens and kids can often feel like Rudolph in the Christmas legend.Rudolph

Surely you know the story? According to the legend, young reindeer at the North Pole drill and compete to get the chance to pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas. But Rudolph was different from all the others. Horror of horrors, he had a red nose when everyone else had a black nose. Even his parents didn’t know what to do with him. They were embarrassed and ashamed of his defect. He was ostracized, not allowed to even play with the others, let alone train and compete for the much-prized privilege of pulling Santa’s sleigh. It eventually got so bad that he was banished to an island, The Land of Misfit Toys with broken dolls and trains and other toys with missing parts.

Only when the weather turned bad on Christmas, and Santa’s sleigh ride to deliver Christmas gifts to children all over the world was about to be cancelled, did someone remember Rudolph and his shiny red nose. They sent for Rudolph, and brought him back. The very thing that got him banished to the Land of MisFit Toys was what enabled him to save Christmas Day for everyone.

This legend reminds us that it is often the very characteristic that makes CASICY’s feel the most broken, ostracized and like an outcast than can be transformed into their biggest assets. Our CASIGY differences and vulnerabilities, whether as adults, teens or young people, can become unique strengths. Eventually, the complexity, creativity, high sensitivity, intensity, and intelligence that have often gotten in the way can become the gifted person’s greatest gifts. By learning to deal with discouragement and starting to believe in themselves, CASIGY’s can discover and activate their previously camouflaged gifts and like Rudolph, help save the day for everyone Scrap Lady Sharon Barnes.

Featured Quote

The ego’s responsibility is to do the best it can with the hand it was dealt.

— Edward C. Whitmont, The Symbolic Quest