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Creative and Contemplative Handwork Is a Deep Practice

Creative and Contemplative Handwork is a deep creative, spiritual, emotional and emotional practice. The process of making something which tangibly demonstrates our inner state and represents our inner process reaches deep within us, taps into and brings out emotion and experience that cannot be found or expressed otherwise. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture that the Self creates is worth a hundred thousand words. We create something for which we have no words; we express experience and emotion for which we have no explanation. Then as we contemplate what we have made, words emerge and return to us from the depths of Soul. In this way, Creative and Contemplative Handwork become a conduit for energy that otherwise can get blocked and stagnate inside of us. -ScrapLady Sharon Barnes

Featured Quote

The ego’s responsibility is to do the best it can with the hand it was dealt.

— Edward C. Whitmont, The Symbolic Quest