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Life Lessons Learned While Quilting

If it has to be done, make it fun.
Look everywhere and see all there is to see,
even if no one else sees it.
See life through the eyes of an artist
Look for life’s colors, shapes, textures,
and shades of light and dark.
Don’t shut down when you face problems;
open up to ALL of life’s experiences.
Learn the same thing as often as necessary until you know it by heart.
Multi-task without multi-tasking, make what you do accomplish several things at once.
Take whatever comes to you in life and transform it into a beautiful adventure.
Scrap Lady Sharon Barnes

Featured Quote

Consciousness brings more pain, but it also brings more joy. Because as you go further into the desert — if you go far enough — you will begin to discover little patches of green, little oases that you had never seen before. And if you go still further, you may even discover some streams of living water underneath the sand, or if you go still further, you may even be able to fulfill your own ultimate destiny.

— Scott Peck, MD, Further Along The Road Less Traveles