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Merry Christmas! (What Does That Mean?)

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[Disclaimer: Here I share a psychological perspective on Christmas. This is meant to be considered in addition to the religious significance of Christmas. It is NOT meant to replace the religious view of Christmas.]

Merry Christmas, focused on our inner life, means allowing ourselves to see and then to follow our inner tar in the night. Sometimes it shines brightly; other times it shines only faintly. Merry Christmas means following that star across the desert to honor the small, vulnerable, rejected, immature, even infantile parts of ourselves. It means listening to our inner angels sing in the cold darkness of a winter night and accepting their message of inner peace, joy and goodwill. It means not allowing our humble human roots to dissuade us from accepting our heavenly mission to bring hope and healing to this planet in the short time that we are here.

Merry Christmas means allowing ourselves to receive an Inner Visitation from On High that brings New Life within. It means nurturing that new life and allowing it to grow within ourselves, even though it is invisible at first, and then when it becomes visible, others judge it and us as illegitimate for having it. It means allowing that new life to grow within us and when it is ready, to become born as an entity in its own right. It means following the quest required by that new life, going wherever it leads us, even when it leads to the cross of great sacrifice, seemingly the sacrifice of that new life we had been given. Merry Christmas means discovering that this inner death and sacrifice is followed by a great inner transformation that brings us to life lived on a whole new level, in a whole new way.

Merry Christmas means accepting the gifts brought by our lowly inner shepherds as well as the gifts brought by our inner kings. Merry Christmas means allowing ourselves to experience an initiation into the mysteries of Life and to follow where we are lead, no matter where that is, experiencing love and care and learning trust along the way, so that we may say along with the Psalmist, “Yes, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me.”

Merry Christmas to YOU!


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Imagination is the sympathetic medium in which dialoging with images occurs, the faculty through which w establish compassion, understanding, and respect for things other than ourselves.

— Shaun McNiff, Art as Medicine