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This Thursday, October 9, 2014 at  7 PM MDT,  I will be holding a complimentary  1  hour webinar called:


How you can find your way through adversity and illness to destinations of delight
How you can find your way through adversity and illness to destinations of delight


(Creative, Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense,

Gifted You-s)


  • Sensitivity,
  • Anxiety and
  • Depression

are the top three problems brought by gifted people to psychotherapists’ offices the world over.    How CAN Sensitive and Gifted CASIGYs™*  Transcend Sensitivity Anxiety and Depression?


In this CASIGY™ LifeCraft™  Webinar, You’ll Learn: 

  • What it is about being a CASIGY™ that makes you susceptible to being SAD from Sensitivity, Anxiety and Depression
  • How to live WITH your sensitivity so you can overcome the anxiety and depression that so often accompanies it.
  • A Three Step Process to Identify and Outsmart CASIGY™ SADness before it takes over your life
  • How to tame your sensitivity so your uniqueness can shine
  • How to apply this process differently for children, teens and adults.


LifeCraftLogoLifeCraft™ events are designed to help CASIGYs™ craft a life you love to live. 

 Bring your questions and examples of when sensitivity, anxiety or depression has been problematic from your home or classroom, and she’ll show you how to use these tools to  transcend sensitivity, anxiety and depression.

  *CASIGYs [ka-sig-ees]= Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense, and/or Gifted You-s!
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The hallmark of individuation is the differentiation of the individual psyche from its containment in the collective psyche from its containment in the collective psyche. This process is accompanied by a progressive awareness of the transpersonal psyche and the task of mediating and humanizing its energies.

— Edward Edinger, The Creation of Consciousness