If Existential Depression Won over Robin Williams, How Can I Win Over Depression?

Sharon Barnes CASIGY

Robin-Williams- LifeCraft Webinar on Existential Depression

Robin Williams and Existential Depression

 Existential Depression can be a significant issue for Sensitive and Gifted people of all ages, AKA CASIGYs™.  Robin Williams tragic death by suicide is a prime example. 

 If you  are a parent, teacher, health professional or family member of a CASIGY™,  you’re going  to want to attend this LifeCraft™ Webinar! It is scheduled for this Thursday, September 18, 7 pm MDT ( 6PM Pacific Time, 8 PM Central time, 9 Pm Eastern time). 

Depression is one of the three top issues brought by Sensitive and Gifted children, teens and adults to psychotherapists’ offices around the USA and around the world[1]. Existential Depression is a type of depression that’s common among the Sensitive and  Gifted. Why? The CASIGY™  traits of Creativity, Acute Awarenss, Super-Sensitivity, Intensity and/or Giftedness  combine to connect the Sensitive and Gifted, AKA CASIGYs™  with the bigger, deeper issues in life. CASIGYs™  deep and broad awareness often includes an awareness of the ineptness of those in power, and how and why the things that are being doing in society to address its ills are not going to help, but often are going to make things worse.  Knowing this can engender a sense of helplessness and smallness in the face of Life itself. Another factor here is that Sensitive and Gifted children often have flashes of insight into deep issues long before you have the cognitive ability to discover or design effective interventions for them.

Your deep compassion for others unfortunately may not extend to yourself, and unrealistic expectations of yourself may take over. You may expect that because of your awareness and your insight into the problems themselves, you should be able to solve them, but that is often not the case. The complexity of the community, national and global issues may be overwhelming, and the intensity with which you experience all of this can quickly snowball out of control.

Hence, thoughts of suicide can be daily companions of many CASIGYs™,

even when they don’t talk about it to anyone. When you know so much and do so well at so many things, this sense of helplessness in the face of  Life’s BIG ISSUES can feel embarrassing, even shameful. This contributes to holding all of this inside, and can build up to damaging, even fatal implosions or explosions.

This LifeCraft™ Webinar is not for the faint hearted; we get real and tackle this hot topic head-on.LifeCraftLogo LifeCraft Webinar-Existential Depression

You will learn

  • When to make a Suicide Safety Plan

  • Four things to include in a Safety Plan

  • How to tell when CASIGY depression (yours or someone else’s) is Existential Depression

  • What to do differently when Existential Depression is present

  • We’re saving the best ‘til last!  What ONE thing will help any CASIGY re-connect with the desire to live AND live better

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*CASIGY = Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense and/or Gifted YOU!

 [1] Webb, Edward R, Amend, Nadia R, and Goerss, Jean: Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis in Gifted Children and Adults