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Transforming Compassion Fatigue

My Life's Gone Up in Smoke-closeup-SMB-007 Compassion Fatigue Presentation or PlayShop 

“Transforming Compassion Fatigue”

Professional Caregivers of all kinds (teachers, healthcare providers and workers, clergy and others) may frequently experience fatigue due to the extent of their caregiving. When these Caregivers are exposed to Trauma in their work, the potential negative effects on them as professional caregivers are compounded. Trauma Exposure (TE) is personal or vicarious experience of one or more life-threatening events. Anyone who sees or hears of traumatic events, even by watching TV or online news, is exposed to the trauma, and therefore has Trauma Exposure, AKA Vicarious Traumatization (VT). TE and VT rewire the brain and negatively impact the caregiver, increasing their vulnerability to Compassion Fatigue (CF). Hence the need for this fun, interactive, hands-on Presentation or PlayShop, “Transforming Compassion Fatigue.”

Why is this a problem especially for Professional Caregivers?

  • Health Care Providers and Workers whose patients have life-threatening injuries or illnesses, or who die, have Trauma Exposure (TE) every time they treat this patient.
  • School teachers, administrators and staff who are involved in, or who experience or observe situations of school violence or bullying have TE.
  • Clergy and church workers whose parishioners die, or have any kind of life-threatening situation experience Vicarious Trauma (VT).
  • Both TE and VT rewire the brain and reduce empathy, optimism and personal resilience, leading to a negative change in World View and resulting in reduced ability to care and increased vulnerability to Compassion Fatigue.

In this “Transforming Compassion Fatigue” Presentation or PlayShop,  Participants Will Learn:lifeStick  sample

1.      What Is Compassion Fatigue (CF)?

2.      Ten Contributing Factors to CF

3.      Seven Warning Signs of CF

4.      Four key Lifestyle Practicesto Transform CF

5.      How to use the Five Fun Steps of Creative and Contemplative Handwork to transform CF

 Optional Participant “Make-N-Take” = Non-dominant Hand Drawing OR Make-a-LifeStick

Featured Quote

Although I couldn’t name it for many years, in painting I encountered the power of the inner critic to control and limit my life. This force that counters the desire to create is within each of us. Generally the critic doesn’t appear in full force until you are in a situation where you have the opportunity to do what you want, something important, and self-chosen, something with risk.

— Pat Allen, Art as a Way of Knowing