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Overcoming Adversity

Beauty from Life’s Scraps –

 Six Steps to  Overcoming Adversity

Is your audience facing adversity? Has Life or Business dropped a ‘pile of scraps’ in their laps?

They’re not alone. When wood-toolboxtherapist Sharon Barnes was taken down by Hourglass Scrap Quilt.jpgdebilitating illness at the age of 40, she discovered greater depth and power in tools she had been using with her counseling clients. Drawing on inspiration from the rich symbolism of pioneer American women sewing quilts from scraps, she shares her story, her art, and six tools she utilized that you can also use to turn pain into gain and overcome any adversity.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen you’re in the midst of adversity, you may feel lost & alone and like you’re alone in life’s deep dark woods. You may  also  feel  disconnected from yourself, others, your spiritual resources & your strength. In this presentation, Sharon shares a Six Step  Process that  anyone can use to reconnect and find their way through the Woods of  Adversity to  Destinations  of Delight.

This presentation can be customized for a Keynote or a Workshop format and can be condensed to 20-25 minutes or expanded to a half day, full day or multiple day event, depending on the needs of your group.


Featured Quote

Compassion begins with the acceptance of what is most human in ourselves, what is most capable of suffering. In attending to our own capacity to suffer, we can uncover a simple and profound connection between our own vulnerability and the vulnerability in all others. Experiencing this allows us to find an instinctive kindness toward life which is the foundation of all compassion and genuine service.

— Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, My Grandfather’s Blessings