How to Transform as You Come Back From Adversity

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Sock Doll Hannah

Hannah, a doll made from a stray sock, is quite a helpless creature.

Hannah sometimes has days with her face in the dirt, like a caterpillar.Caterpillar Hannah



When she can’t take any more of life’s dirt, she creates a cocoon for herself,Cozy Hannah
Where she can heal, rejuvenate and recreate herself.

But eventually the cocoon becomes a prison, and she finds a way to break out.Hannah the Comeback Queen
As she emerges, she discovers that while cocooning, she has been transformed.

Hannah is helpless no longer; she can fly wherever she pleases.Hannah's wings

Helpless Hannah has become the Comeback Queen!

By following Hannah’s process from caterpillar-in-the-dirt through close-up Hannah + wingspinning a cocoon, you too can find a way to transform as you come back from the adversity in your life.

-ScrapLady Sharon

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