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Life’s A Bicycle Audio Seminar

When You’re Creative, HSP, GT, 2E or have ADD,

balancing your life

may seem overwhelming and nearly impossible


Here, I’ve revealed the Simple Secret

to Balancing Your CASIGY Life:

If You Can Balance a BIKE,

You Can Balance Your LIFE!

 If you’d like to

  • Manage your intensity, complexity & multiple creative interests
  • Achieve AND thrive, without losing your creativity or sensitivity
  • Reduce your stress AND increase the satisfaction in your life
  • GET and KEEP your CASIGY™ life in balance
  • Increase your personal power, a key to Life Balance

then this might be important for you to read.

 Here’s why:

Stress can extract a high toll from us, especially as CASIGYs™. Our work, productivity, relationships, creativity, and often our health suffers. I don’t have to tell you this; you know the stats & stories.

We all know we should or could do more to balance our lives; we even know lots of stuff that will lower our stress levels. But do we DO IT? Not much, or not as much as we would like to.

The question here is, how can we help ourselves to apply and use what we already know?

By going back to istock sunset bike rider facing leftkindergarten, that’s how. Maybe you learned how to ride a bike when you were a kid. You wanted to gain the independence, achieve the mastery of riding a bike, so you tried and tried and fell, and fell and fell again. And finally you DID IT! You eventually kept on riding, without falling and without needing those training wheels! Do you remember the exhilaration, sense of mastery and victory this brought?

Believe it or not, that body-mind skill you learned ‘way back THEN can help you balance your life NOW.

You don’t need more information. You just need a few tools and a slightly different perspective so you can APPLY the knowledge, skills and wisdom you already have.

I know this may sound hokey.

But hear me out.

The principles I share are based in leading edge brain research and “New Science” –chaos and complexity theory, quantum mechanics and physics; yet are rooted in age-old wisdom and practical common sense. Besides that,

  1. This isn’t just theory. I’m a CASIGY™, too. I lost my health a few years ago, and in order to gain it back, I’ve had to learn how to balance my life in ways I never knew existed. I tested many things, and of course, discarded what didn’t work. Many tools that work great for “normal” or neurotypical people don’t work for those of us who are creative, highly sensitive, intense, introverted and/or gifted people.
  2. I’ve already eliminated tools that don’t work for Creative, Acutely Aware, super-Sensitive and/or Gifted people. Being a Visual-Spatial or kinesthetic processor, being creative or having ADD, AD/HD, learning disabilities, autism or other neuro-behavioral differences  can make it tough to find tools that WORK. Here, I share only those tools that have worked for me and also for other CASIGY™s.
  3. This is road tested. Many CASIGY™s who have used it, tell me that this is the most helpful perspective on life balance they’ve found. They say can REMEMBER and USE these tools when they need them, and that they’re fun to use.

So let me ask you:  Do you

  • feel overwhelmed with too many demands on your time and energy?
  • suffer from compassion fatigue—caring for everyone else before yourself?
  • feel frazzled from being tugged in too many directions at once?
  • know your energy and creativity are being drained because of your [too high] stress level?
  • notice that your relationships are suffering?

 Then Life’s a Bicycle can help you NOW!

         Here’s What You Learn with “Life’s a Bicycle”:

  • You’ll learn the most common mistake people when their lives are out of balance, and HOW TO CORRECT IT.
  • You’ll be able to detect imbalances soon enough to prevent them from getting out of hand.
  • Life’s a Bicycle sparks your imagination.

Your learning won’t stop when the program does. You’ll find yourself getting new ideas on how to balance your life, just when you need them. They will bubble up from within, not be forced on you externally.

  • You’ll learn three ways to check for the source of trouble when your life is out of balance.

No matter what is going on, or your learning style/brain preference, you’ll be reminded of skills you already have, and how to use them in the moment of need.

  • You’ll discover that you can reach your (creative, sensitive, intelligent) goals without losing your balance.

       Here’s What You’ll Receive with “Life’s a Bicycle Audio Seminar”:LifesABicycle Audio Seminar cover

  •  MP3 Audio Download of the live Life’s A Bicycle Seminar – Dynamic, Resilient Life Balance for Creative, Sensitive People
  • Life’s A Bicycle Workbook


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