No More SAD CASIGY’s Webinar Recording

CASIGYs: You Can Have No More SADness!

The top three issues bringing gifted students and adults  to psychotherapists’ offices are Sensitivity, Anxiety and Depression, according to “MisDiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children and Adults”. Sharon Barnes, LCSW has found this to be true in her counseling and consulting practice. She knows how to help when these issues cause trouble at school and at home.

In this recording of her webinar, “No More SAD CASIGYs™ – How Creative, Sensitive, or Gifted Students Can Overcome Sensitivity, Anxiety and Depression”, You will learn,

  • What it is about gifted students that makes them so susceptible to being SAD from Sensitivity, Anxiety and Depression;
  • A three step process to identify and outsmart Creative, Sensitive, or Gifted SADness before it takes over;
  • Sharon’s Top Ten Tips & Tools to Overcome Creative, Sensitive, or Gifted SADness.