I often feel pulled in many directions at oncesoulburst3
With an internal tug-of-war between opposing energies.
Insistent inner voices urge “Do THIS now!” “No, do THAT!” “Go HERE!” “Now go THERE!”
Stretched in first this direction and then that ─
I alternately feel bewildered, scared, angry, not to speak of frustrated and exhausted.
I’m groping in the dark, wishing for some light to shine on my life’s path
The hamster on the wheel in my head spins faster, faster and still faster.
The spokes of Life’s wheel blur with the speed of this internal spinning
The hub around which they all revolve slowly emerges from the fog as a central, organizing focus.
My soul bursts with the beauty and joy of life’s infinite complexity.
Each individual spoke reveals its absolute necessity.
As each spoke is buttoned down in its vivid uniqueness
They no longer compete for time and attention
Now they pull together in a glimmering wholeness
That lights up the night sky of my inner landscape.