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Webinar Replay – Suicide Prevention for Creative, Sensitive or Gifted People

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Suicide Prevention for Creative, Sensitive, or Gifted People

If you’ve ever been concerned about suicide for yourself or a creative, sensitive or gifted one you care about, this is for you.

In this webinar, my goal is to equip Creative, Sensitive, or gifted Adults, and Teens as well as Parents and Teachers of creative, sensitive and gifted Teens to Prevent Suicide. 

Here’s what we’ll be talking about:
• What’s actually happening with youth suicides around the world
• Six Myths about suicide
• Seven common themes of suicides
• Suicide risk factors
• What’s different with highly creative, highly sensitive & gifted teens
• Suicide Warning Signs
• Six Protective factors against Suicide – and how to maximize them
• Five things you can do to prevent suicide
• Suicide Prevention Resources

Featured Quote

Consider beginning to honor the resistance, consider getting to know the critic. The critic holds very valuable information. The critic holds our deepest fears; resistance shows us we are on the right track. If we shift our perspective, the critic can be seen as trying to spare us the pain of change, the shame of fear. Our critic discourages us from doing things which are perceived as dangerous.

— Pat Allen, Art is Way of Knowing