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Trauma & the Gifted-PPT

Tools for Helping the Gifted of All Ages Transcend Overexcitabilities to Cope With Traumatrauma center

Overexcitabilities, common to the Gifted of all ages, influence both the perception of a life-threatening event and the impact of trauma on gifted persons, whether it’s in your community or on the other side of the world. Psychological trauma is exposure to a life-threatening experience ─ yours, or someone else’s.

If you missed my talk, or if you’d like to see the slides again, here they are. In this presentation, you’ll learn

  • what’s Direct Trauma vs. Vicarious Trauma, and why it matters,
  • seven signs of a normal trauma response,
  • what’s different about the Trauma Response of a gifted person
  • one simple mind-body tool that will quickly reduce trauma’s negative effects;
  • four tools that help process trauma related emotions;
  • two principals to guide your interventions; and
  • when to get professional help.

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