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How to Cope With Trauma Webinar Recording

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How to Cope with Trauma, Tragedy & Loss –

Tips & Tools for Helping CASIGY™s Cope With Trauma 

Highly Sensitive and Gifted kids and teens, due to the combination of their abilities, vulnerabilities and over-excitabilities are often impacted by trauma and tragedy more than are their less sensitive peers.

What can you do when a creative, highly sensitive, intense, gifted child or teen is traumatized by tragedy, whether it’s next door or the other side of the world?  In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Seven signs of a normal response to trauma
  • The one simple first, best and last mind-body tool that can be used anywhere, any time to counteract the negative effects of trauma
  • Two underlying principals to guide your trauma interventions with your sensitive, gifted child
  • Four things to DO to help them process their difficult emotions
  • Three ways to tell if or when to get professional help for your student with Trauma Exposure

We hope you enjoy it and learn something beneficial. 

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Featured Quote

Where we do not project, we may see something which displeases us but we can decide for ourselves whether it is necessary or important or relevant that we go and do something about it. … However, when we see something which displeases us and are compulsively involved in how we feel about it, and can neither take or nor leave it, then we are projecting. Projection denies us freedom of choice.

— Edward C. Whitmont, The Symbolic Quest