Simplify – Simplify

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Our life is frittered away be detail. . . simplify, simplify. –Henry David Thoreau Related Posts:Abandon the Urge to Simplify EverythingFacing Pain TruthfullyCreative Guidance from a SoulShirt™ Adventure, Part 2 of 3How to Spring Into Life-Part 2Keys to Preventing Holiday OverwhelmValentine’s Day can be painful for CASIGYs with…Report-Taming the Mayhem MonsterLife is an Art

Seven Steps To Overcome CASIGY Overwhelm

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Have You Noticed it Too? Life Seems to Speed Up This Time of Year! As autumn arrives in the northern hemisphere, and the sun recedes into the southern hemisphere, I notice year after year that life seems to speed up. Summer’s (supposedly) slower pace is gone. Schools are in full swing by now. Organizations resume their fall schedules. Leaves fall and beg to be raked. This autumn (2011), my son Chris got married to Abby in August and we had a local reception earlier this month. Then my son Matt’s wife Kelly had a baby last week, plus we are …

Creating Beauty from Life’s Scraps: The Foggy Days Quilt

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Are you facing tough times?    Do you know someone who is?   If you have never thought of creativity as something that would help you cope with difficulty, you may be inspired by today’s article, “Creating Beauty from Life’s Scraps”. In it, Sharon shares the story of how creative expression helped her cope with the adversity of illness.    You’ll learn how creative expression can diminish physical and emotional pain, release energy, and facilitate healing of mind, body , soul and spirit. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it with anyone you know who is in the midst of great …

CASIGY’s Secrets to Overcoming Holiday Blues – Creative, Sensitive, Introverted Gifted People

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In the northern hemisphere, December brings darkness, and for some this brings the blues, AKA depression. As the loss of light progresses, veils of separation may also thin, connecting us more easily to our inner depths. Old issues we have dealt with can resurface, sometimes with an intensity that belies the work we have already done with them. Typical CASIGY (Creative, Sensitive, Acutely, Aware, Introverted, Gifted) issues such as inferiority, perfectionism, and a feeling of not belonging rear their ugly heads with a vengeance. New ones may wiggle in, too. Then there’s the waning economy; the holidays; you name it. The …

How to Get Unstuck

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Do you ever feel stuck? Find one thing piling on top of another? I can relate. Sometimes we don’t realize we’re getting stuck until we’re immobilized. For CASIGY’s, this can look like over-committing time, having too much to do with it all seeming crucial, or being interested in so many things that we have trouble choosing among them which leads to getting paralyzed and doing nothing. It can take many forms. The question is, how do we get unstuck when we’re stuck? Before we consider that, another question begs asking: What’s a CASIGY? CASIGY™ is an acronym for Creative, Acutely …

Inspiration On the Road to First Grade

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Inspiration for Parents and Teachers of Creative, Sensitive or Gifted Children: Here’s Nine Life Lessons I Learned On the Road to First Grade: My little quilt, finished except for the label, was a burgundy, mauve and ivory watercolor heart-shaped wall hanging. It had taken many moons to make, and I was tempted to skip the label. Painters sign their work on the front; quilt artists make a label for the back. But I just wanted to be done with it.  I hate making quilt labels, because I never know what to say on them. So I pinned the quilt on …

My Scrap Angel: Life Lessons Learned While Quilting

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Have you ever started a creative project that went so badly you trashed it? I have–more times than I’d like to admit. I had heard that mistakes can be our finest learning experiences, but I’d not relished that idea until I reclaimed one of my discarded pieces, and unexpectedly discovered how to reclaim my life, too. An hourglass quilt block I had made from scraps contained too many mistakes to use, so I pitched it. The triangles didn’t have points; I could have done better when I was nine years old. The parallel lines weren’t parallel–they would have made a …

I Hate Mothers Day

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Reflections on How to to Heal our Lives, Feed our Souls, and Grow our Dreams I hate Mother’s Day. Awful though it sounds, I’ve hated mother’s day for a very long time.  I’ve also felt guilty that I hated it. I also know it’s not politically correct, so I’ve not said out loud. But it’s time to admit it. I hate Mother’s Day. I first hated it when I was in my twenties. I felt hurt and angry at my mother for many things that she had done or not done that hurt me when I was young. The more …

Remembering Columbine: Helping Creative, Highly Sensitive & Gifted Adults Heal from Trauma

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Ten years ago today my husband Gary and I connected for a rare lunch together. As we munched on our sandwiches under a restaurant patio umbrella, we saw police car after police car roaring south on Wadsworth Blvd, sirens wailing . Chills went up and down my spine as we also heard the rumble of helicopters. We saw that they were all heading for Columbine-our new neighborhood, where we had lived for only six weeks.  Later that day, we were horrified along with everyone else as we learned about the tragedy at Columbine High School. Today is a day of …