Talent is Like Electricity

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I believe talent is like electricity. We don’t understand electricity. We use it. Maya Angelou Related Posts:Have the Courage to Follow Your TalentThe Need for ChangeTake Life by the LapelUnderstandingSharon’s ModalitiesAboutACESCASIGYs™ Blog

An Essential Part of Any Artist’s Labor

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An essential portion of any artist’s labor is not creation as much as invocation. Lewis Hyde. Related Posts:The difference between a creative person and a creative…Life Lessons Learned While QuiltingLove’s Labor; my SoulShirt™ Process and Surprise EffectsAboutSeven Steps To Overcome CSIGY OverwhelmSeven Steps to Overcoming OverwhelmOn the Road to First GradeDisappointments in Love, Betrayals and Losses

When an Idea Comes to Us

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As each idea comes to us, we must in good faith clear away our inner barriers to acting on it and then, on an outer level, take the concrete steps necessary to trigger our synchronous good. Julia Cameron Related Posts:Keep the Jumps SmallTurn Aside Your Dream and It Will Come Back to You AgainOur Unlimited Bank AccountCompost is Nature’s Original Recycling ProjectHSP Gifted Mental LogJamsCASIGY Book ListHas Your Life Gone Up in Smoke?Creativity’s Purpose

Art and Soul

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Art making is my way of bringing soul back into my life. Soul is the place where the messiness of life is tolerated, where feelings animate the narration of life, where story exists. Soul is the place where I am replenished and can experience both gardens and graveyards. Art is my way of knowing who I am. Pat Allen Related Posts:How We Know the Soul is Being Cared ForEntering Into the Mysteries of the SoulSoul – Fate – EgoThe Soul is Explosive and PowerfulWhat Memory, Art and Love are to the SoulOpenness to Love’s Many FormsA SoulShirt™ = Wearing Your …

The Largest Bonfire

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The largest bonfire is built one stick at a time. Soul gathers the sticks; Spirit lights the fire. ScrapLady Sharon Barnes Related Posts:Happy Holidays – as the light returns to the NorthHas Your Life Gone Up in Smoke?SoulBurstGreat Innovations7 Sensitive, Gifted Secrets to Have the Love You Want…Art and SoulContemplative Handwork™Life is an Art

Great Innovations

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I think all great innovations are built on rejections – Louise Nevelson Related Posts:The Largest BonfireMerry Christmas! (What Does That Mean?)CASIGYI Hate Mothers DayOde to Mothers…Umm….I Hate Mother’s…Contemplative Handwork™How to Ride Out Life’s Tough Times: Hang Loose in the…HSP Gifted Mental LogJams

Life is an Art

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When your life falls apart, try picking up the pieces one by one making sure to keep them all. For in life, as in art, it is only by mixing together the dark with the light that beauty emerges. –ScrapLady Sharon Barnes Related Posts:SoulBurstHappy Holidays – as the light returns to the NorthFollow Your Own CASIGY TrailLife Lessons Learned While QuiltingCreating Beauty From Life’s Scraps — From a New…How to Transform as You Come Back From AdversityHas Your Life Gone Up in Smoke?LifeStick