Happy Halloween

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Today is Halloween – the one day in the year that we dress up in costumes, put on masks and . . . . well, we pay attention and even homage to parts of ourselves that we hide and put away the rest of the year. Psychologically speaking, this is a very healthy and an even necessary thing, especially for highly sensitive people, which, of course, includes many creative and gifted people as well. For it is when we repress, or pretend that we don’t have darkness within ourselves, that it goes underground. Pretending that we have no darkness inside …

Healing Trauma in Creative, Sensitive and Gifted People

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Healing Trauma in Creative Sensitive Gifted People: Many creative, sensitive, and gifted people are traumatized by the media coverage of the 15th anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City. Of course it’s appropriate to commemorate this  world-changing event.  So to help CASIGYs™ heal from this and other trauma, I’m republishing my article – Healing Trauma in Creative Sensitive Gifted People Six weeks before the Columbine High School shooting in April of 1999, my husband and I with our teenage sons, moved into the Columbine West neighborhood.  Our oldest son was in college; our younger sons …

How to Prevent Holiday Meltdowns!

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Have past holidays been a nightmare due to ‘inevitable’ holiday meltdowns? Do you dread upcoming holiday family gatherings? It may not be a fun thing to admit, but there wouldn’t be so many movie and sitcom comedies about disastrous holiday family gatherings if it weren’t so common. So if you’re not looking forward to holiday family gatherings, know that you’re not alone, and that if you wish, you can let go of any guilt or shame you feel around dreading them. The perfect family does not exist on this planet, from the very first family to the First Family in …

World Suicide Prevention Day – September 10, 2014

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World Suicide Prevention Day – September 10, 2014 Join me in Lighting a Candle near a Window at 8 PM to show your support for suicide prevention, to remember a lost loved one, and for the survivors of suicide. Each year 800,000 people worldwide die from suicide- more than wars and homicide combined. CASIGYs- Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense, and/or Gifted You-s are especially prone to Existential Depression. Stay tuned for more info and more help in coming days. . . . . Related Posts:If Existential Depression Won over Robin Williams, How Can IIf Robin Williams Lost Out to Existential …

Remembering Columbine

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A few evenings ago, I had the privilege of eating dinner in the Bistro at Aspen Grove, in Littleton, Colorado (USA) with a good friend and colleague. She and I talked about the Boston Marathon, her niece who ran it this year, how my friend found out about the bombing, how her niece fared in the race, and most importantly WAS SHE SAFE? (She was.)  My friend got a text from her sister that prompted her to turn on the TV. She was at home that day, and as she sat down in front of the TV with the remote …

At the Level of Daily Life, There is Loss

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At the level of daily life, there is loss. If we spiritualize it away, we cannot use it to grow. …This usually means allowing ourselves to be touched by life, to participate in it. We learn by experience. The unexperienced life does not teach anybody anything. There are no spiritual shortcuts. Rachel Naomi Remen. Related Posts:Curing – Strengthening – HealingCompassion and Our Capacity to SufferingMerry Christmas! (What Does That Mean?)Contemplative Handwork™Wilderness – a Place of Learning, Spiritual Growth andSharon’s ModalitiesMuch of Enjoying Life Is in the DetailsWhen an Idea Comes to Us

The Next Best Thing to Winning Is Losing!

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The next best thing to winning is losing! At least you’ve been in the race. Nellie Hershey Tullis Related Posts:Failure Is Not The Falling Down but The Staying DownBe Willing to Share PainThe Changing of Seasons is a Perfect Time to Make Changes inLife’s A Bicycle Audio SeminarSeven Steps To Overcome CSIGY OverwhelmSeven Steps to Overcoming OverwhelmLife Lessons Learned While QuiltingHigh Sensitivity

How to Transform as You Come Back From Adversity

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Hannah, a doll made from a stray sock, is quite a helpless creature. Hannah sometimes has days with her face in the dirt, like a caterpillar.     When she can’t take any more of life’s dirt, she creates a cocoon for herself, Where she can heal, rejuvenate and recreate herself. But eventually the cocoon becomes a prison, and she finds a way to break out. As she emerges, she discovers that while cocooning, she has been transformed. Hannah is helpless no longer; she can fly wherever she pleases. Helpless Hannah has become the Comeback Queen! By following Hannah’s process …