Sensitive Gifted New Years Tools

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Is Facing the New Year as a Creative, Sensitive or Gifted Person Daunting? Here’s Inspiration and some Creative,  Sensitive Gifted New Years Tools – As one year ends, and a new one begins, we tend to ponder our lives. We ask,  “Is my life where I want it to be? Are my relationships the way I want them to be? My finances? My spiritual/soul life? My work? My health?” Just in case they’re not, and you, too may sometimes wonder if you (or your creative, sensitive, or gifted kids)  can actually craft a life you (or they) love to live, here’s …

FREE Webinar: How CASIGYs™ Can Thrive Through the Holidays

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Are you Creative, Super-Sensitive and/or Gifted, AKA a CASIGY™?  Have Previous Holiday Seasons left you feeling frustrated or hurting emotionally? Are you Thinking, “THIS YEAR the Holidays MUST be BETTER!”? Here’s Hope and Help from Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW, Therapist for Sensitive and Gifted.  I’m giving a Free Webinar: How CASIGYs™ Can Thrive Through the Holidays! Join me in this Free Webinar, where you’ll learn: Life Lessons We Can Learn From Classic Holiday Movies That Can Help Us Improve Our Holiday Experience as CASIGYS How To Bring Soulfulness In, So Your Holidays Have Depth And Meaning How To Sensitively Navigate Difficult …

Happy Holidays – as the light returns to the North

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Happy Holidays! No matter what religious holiday each of us celebrates this time of year, we all share the change of the seasons. CASIGYs (Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense and/or Gifted You-s) may feel more connected to this phenomenon and be impacted by it than do many others.  For those in northern climates, the light of the sun begins to increase again. In ancient times, this was often celebrated with outdoor bonfires. In winter’s deep darkness, we humans celebrate the light, as if to reassure ourselves that the light of the sun will actually return. Likewise, when we are in …

Happy Halloween

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Today is Halloween – the one day in the year that we dress up in costumes, put on masks and . . . . well, we pay attention and even homage to parts of ourselves that we hide and put away the rest of the year. Psychologically speaking, this is a very healthy and an even necessary thing, especially for highly sensitive people, which, of course, includes many creative and gifted people as well. For it is when we repress, or pretend that we don’t have darkness within ourselves, that it goes underground. Pretending that we have no darkness inside …

Creative Guidance from a SoulShirt™ Adventure, Part 2 of 3

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Continuing my story when my SoulShirt™ spoke to me, not literally, but by listening with my Inner Ear─ We’ve all had creative moments, or felt divinely led by an inner voice. How do you practice connecting with  your heart and soul? Or are you searching for a way to feel the aliveness and results from trusting your inner voice? My Heart told me that it felt warmed and nurtured by my wearing something made solely to meet its needs. My Soul spoke about the nourishment it received by being honored at the risk of my Ego looking silly and stupid …

Life is Like Ice Cream

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Seen on a church signboard: Life is like ice cream: enjoy it before it melts! Related Posts:How to Cope With Trauma Webinar RecordingIs Your House Haunted by the Mayhem MonsterReady or Not, the Holidays are Coming!Transforming Compassion FatigueSpeakingHow to Spring Into LifeMy Scrap Angel: Life Lessons Learned While QuiltingOn the Road to First Grade

What We Aspire to Be

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What we truly and earnestly aspire to be, that in some sense we are. The mere aspiration, by changing the frame of mind, for the moment realizes itself. Anna Jameson Related Posts:The Changing of Seasons is a Perfect Time to Make Changes inThe Larger Fabric of ValuesFailure Is Not The Falling Down but The Staying DownDisappointments in Love, Betrayals and LossesValentine’s Day can be painful for CASIGYs with…Life’s A Bicycle Audio SeminarThere Are Two Things I have a Right ToThe Need for Change

There Are Two Things I have a Right To

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I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was two things I had a right to, liberty and death. If I could not have one, I would have the other, for no man should take me alive. Harriet Tubman Related Posts:Merry Christmas! (What Does That Mean?)If Robin Williams Lost Out to Existential Depression, How…If Existential Depression Won over Robin Williams, How Can IHappy CASIGY™ Mother’s DayHow CASIGYs Can Become Social-Emotional ACESHow to Spring Into LifeThe Soul is Explosive and Powerful7 Sensitive, Gifted Secrets to Have the Love You Want…

The Quarrel with Oneself

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It was completely fruitless to quarrel with the world, whereas the quarrel with oneself was occasionally fruitful and always, she had to admit, interesting. –May Sarton Related Posts:Surrender the Moments as They PassAre You Facing AdversityDifferent By DesignHSP Gifted Mental LogJamsThe difference between a creative person and a creative…Creating Our WorldCASIGYs Could Remake the WorldCASIGY Book List

Much of Enjoying Life Is in the Details

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Much of enjoying life is in the details- the larger issues have a way of working themselves out. Handling daily tasks well and thoroughly affects how we feel, our happiness and the overall quality of our lives. Alexandra Stoddard Related Posts:The Larger Fabric of ValuesHow to Help Your Creative, Sensitive or Gifted Kids Weather…Sharon’s ModalitiesAt the Level of Daily Life, There is LossThank you for Registering for Is Your House Haunted by the…CASIGY’s Secrets to Overcoming Holiday Blues –…Top Five Tips for Taming the CASIGY Mayhem MonsterReport-Taming the Mayhem Monster