How to Transform as You Come Back From Adversity

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Hannah, a doll made from a stray sock, is quite a helpless creature. Hannah sometimes has days with her face in the dirt, like a caterpillar.     When she can’t take any more of life’s dirt, she creates a cocoon for herself, Where she can heal, rejuvenate and recreate herself. But eventually the cocoon becomes a prison, and she finds a way to break out. As she emerges, she discovers that while cocooning, she has been transformed. Hannah is helpless no longer; she can fly wherever she pleases. Helpless Hannah has become the Comeback Queen! By following Hannah’s process …

Wilderness – a Place of Learning, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

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Ironically, according to ancient legend, the word Wilderness didn’t conjure up a place of punishment, but rather a place of learning, spiritual growth, understanding, healing and accomplishment. It referred to a wellspring of Divine energy in the guise of despair, hardship and pain; your experience in the wilderness was designed to prepare or propel you toward your destiny. Or pry you loose from whatever was keeping you from it. Sarah Ban Breathnach Related Posts:The WildernessArt and SoulSharon’s ModalitiesCASIGY Book ListCASIGY’s Secrets to Overcoming Holiday Blues –…Different By DesignTips for Starting the New Year Off RightHow to Spring Into Life


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Providence has hidden a charm in difficult undertakings, which is appreciated only by those who dare to grapple with them. –Anne-Sophie Swethine Related Posts:Surrender the Moments as They PassThe Larger Fabric of ValuesCreative Coping, Healing and TransformationEncouraging Sensitive and Gifted Students: You Are DifferentFinding Beauty in Life’s ScrapsHow to Heal from Life’s Hurts-An Intuitive, Creative…AboutAre You Facing Adversity

Our Way Is Not Soft Grass

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Our way is not soft grass, it’s a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upwards, forward, toward the sun. Dr. Ruth Westheimer Related Posts:We Cannot Go Back. We Can Only Go ForwardHow to Spring Into LifeMovement, Health and Happiness For Sensitive and Gifted…Encouraging CASIGYsA Career Path Suited to Gifted AdultsA Career Path Suited to Gifted AdultsCompost is Nature’s Original Recycling ProjectFacing Pain Truthfully

We Cannot Go Back. We Can Only Go Forward

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We cannot go back. We can only go forward. To go back to Eden would be like trying to return to our mother’s womb, to infancy. Since we cannot go back, we must grow up. We can only go forward through the desert of life, making our way painfully over parched and barren ground into increasingly deeper levels of consciousness. Scott Peck Related Posts:Consciousness Brings More Pain, but It Also Brings More JoyAn Alone JourneyBecoming More ConsciousAbandon the Urge to Simplify EverythingBe Willing to Share PainTurn Aside Your Dream and It Will Come Back to You AgainFacing Pain TruthfullyOur Way …

Solutions to Problems May Be Found in the Circumstances

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There is no problem which does not have an appropriate solution. . . the solution often may be found in the circumstances creating the problem. – Napoleon Hill Related Posts:The First Duty of Every Human BeingLife Is Not a Problem To Be SolvedCompost is Nature’s Original Recycling ProjectGiftednessCreating Our WorldCreating Beauty from Life’s Scraps: The Foggy Days…Creating Beauty From Life’s ScrapsA SoulShirt™ = Wearing Your Soul On Your Sleeve –…

Creating Our World

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We are all creating our world all the time; the important task is to do so consciously. Pat Allen Related Posts:Solutions to Problems May Be Found in the CircumstancesCASIGYs Could Remake the WorldThe Larger Fabric of ValuesArt and SoulWorld Suicide Prevention Day – September 10, 2014CASIGY Book ListCreating Beauty From Life’s Scraps — From a New…Valentine’s Day can be painful for CASIGYs with…