Solutions to Problems May Be Found in the Circumstances

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There is no problem which does not have an appropriate solution. . . the solution often may be found in the circumstances creating the problem. – Napoleon Hill Related Posts:The First Duty of Every Human BeingLife Is Not a Problem To Be SolvedCompost is Nature’s Original Recycling ProjectGiftednessCreating Our WorldCreating Beauty from Life’s Scraps: The Foggy Days…Creating Beauty From Life’s ScrapsA SoulShirt™ = Wearing Your Soul On Your Sleeve –…

Turn Aside Your Dream and It Will Come Back to You Again

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Turn aside your dream and it will come back to you again. Get willing to follow it again and a second mysterious door will swing open. – Julia Cameron Related Posts:Our Unlimited Bank AccountWhen an Idea Comes to UsKeep the Jumps SmallWhen Manure is Dumped On Your LifeCreative Guidance from a SoulShirt™ Adventure, Part 2 of 3We Cannot Go Back. We Can Only Go ForwardCASIGY Book ListCreativity’s Purpose

Life is an Art

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When your life falls apart, try picking up the pieces one by one making sure to keep them all. For in life, as in art, it is only by mixing together the dark with the light that beauty emerges. –ScrapLady Sharon Barnes Related Posts:SoulBurstHappy Holidays – as the light returns to the NorthFollow Your Own CASIGY TrailLife Lessons Learned While QuiltingCreating Beauty From Life’s Scraps — From a New…How to Transform as You Come Back From AdversityHas Your Life Gone Up in Smoke?LifeStick

Until You Make Peace with Who You Are

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Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have. – Doris Mortman Related Posts:Five Keys to Taming the Mayhem MonsterIs Your House Haunted by the Mayhem MonsterMerry Christmas! (What Does That Mean?)The Changing of Seasons is a Perfect Time to Make Changes inLife is What We Make ItMedia PlacementsMy Scrap Angel: Life Lessons Learned While QuiltingLife Lessons Learned While Quilting

Here’s How to Laugh

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Those who don’t know how to weep with their whole heart don’t know how to laugh either. –Golda Meir Related Posts:The ClockLive as Much From the Heart as From the HeadHas Your Life Gone Up in Smoke?7 Sensitive, Gifted Secrets to Have the Love You Want…Tips for Starting the New Year Off RightLife Lessons Learned While QuiltingSensitive Gifted New Years ToolsA SoulShirt™ = Wearing Your Soul On Your Sleeve –…

What the Law of the Harvest Teaches Us

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The law of the harvest teaches us that we must regularly take time to rest, renew, and to reflect upon the harvest as we prepare for the next. – Stephen Covey Related Posts:Communication IsHow CASIGYs Can Become Social-Emotional ACESI Hate Mothers DayWilderness – a Place of Learning, Spiritual Growth andWhen Manure is Dumped On Your LifeOde to Mothers…Umm….I Hate Mother’s…Revisiting #Be WeirdMistakes – Antidote to Perfectionism

How We Know the Soul is Being Cared For

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We know soul is being cared for when our pleasures feel deeper than usual, when we can let go of the need to be free of complexity and confusion, when compassion takes the place of mistrust and fear. – Thomas Moore Related Posts:Soul – Fate – EgoThe Soul is Explosive and PowerfulEntering Into the Mysteries of the SoulWhat Memory, Art and Love are to the SoulOpenness to Love’s Many FormsLive as Much From the Heart as From the HeadDisappointments in Love, Betrayals and LossesArt and Soul