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For HSP & GT Youth: Do Intense Emotions Mean I have a Mental Disorder?

Here’s a post to share with your HSP or Gifted Kids and Teens: A high school senior recently told me,  “I think I must have some mental disorder.  I’ve been searching online since I was in middle school to find out what it is.”  As we talked, it became clear that intense emotions were the source of this big concern. “I wish I had heard this when I was in middle school” a high school

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Seven Strategies to Cope With the DIFFERENCES of Being a Highly Sensitive or Gifted Person. (Part 1)

At least once a week, a highly sensitive or gifted child or adult tells me that they HATE being SO DIFFERENT from other people. They tell me that they feel abnormal and just wish they could be NORMAL! They say things like “I feel like an alien from a different planet!” and ‘What’s WRONG with ME?” Highly sensitive and many gifted people have Central Nervous Systems that are more perceptive and more reactive than that

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