Seven Strategies to Cope With the DIFFERENCES of Being a Highly Sensitive or Gifted Person. (Part 2)

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 Strategy #3 of Seven Strategies to Cope with the Differences of Being Highly Sensitive or Gifted: CASIGYs Have Mascots! Sports teams, schools and universities and even some corporations have mascots. Why not CASIGYs (Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense and/or Gifted You-s)? After all, a Mascot is “an animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck”[i]. I’d say CASIGYs need all of this. Having a Mascot may, first and foremost, remind you and your children that YOU’RE NOT ALONE! The story of these Mascots shows that they have both “experienced” and …

Seven Strategies to Cope With the DIFFERENCES of Being a Highly Sensitive or Gifted Person. (Part 1)

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At least once a week, a highly sensitive or gifted child or adult tells me that they HATE being SO DIFFERENT from other people. They tell me that they feel abnormal and just wish they could be NORMAL! They say things like “I feel like an alien from a different planet!” and ‘What’s WRONG with ME?” Highly sensitive and many gifted people have Central Nervous Systems that are more perceptive and more reactive than that of most people. They perceive many things that go right by most people, from a tiny piece of lint on the floor to the buzz …

Five Tools to Solve Behavior Problems with Gifted, ADHD Kids

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Is Your House Haunted by the Mayhem Monster? Five Tools to Solve Behavior Problems with Gifted ADHD Kids: Many kids, especially those with ADD, AD/HD or who are Gifted, Creative or Highly Sensitive feel the need to stimulate their brains. For lack of better methods, they create chaos & crisis. Voila! The Mayhem Monster is born and grows bigger each time it’s activated. Unfortunately, the Mayhem Monster wrecks havoc on family harmony, homework assignments, friendships, and life in general. Once it takes over, even the best of parents can feel helpless to get rid of it. But the Mayhem Monster …


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Storms of Affect or Depression

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When [life] buffets us most severely with storms of affect or depression, we can also expect to find in dreams and fantasy the healing meaning that rescues.   by  Edward Edinger brought to you by Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW Therapist For Sensitive And Gifted Related Posts:How to Help Your Creative, Sensitive or Gifted Kids Weather…Sharon Barnes presents No More SAD Gifted Students at…If Robin Williams Lost Out to Existential Depression, How…If Existential Depression Won over Robin Williams, How Can INo More SAD CASIGY’s Webinar RecordingNo More SAD CASIGY’s™When is CASIGY Depression Existential Depression?I Live on Dreams

Does My Gifted Child Have ADHD?

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“Does my gifted child have ADHD?” is a common question for parents of gifted children. They want to know if the problems their gifted child has with paying attention in school, and sometimes also at home, are related to their giftedness or are a sign of having ADHD. Often the only way to know for sure if you or your child has ADHD is to pay for expensive testing. If that’s not an option for you, what’s a parent to do? Let’s take a metaphoric walk around both giftedness and ADHD. My hope is that the perspective we gain will …

How to Help Your Creative, Sensitive or Gifted Kids Weather Emotional Storms

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How to help your creative, sensitive or gifted kids weather emotional storms is a frequent dilemma for parents, grandparents and teachers of CASIGYs (Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense, and/or Gifted You-s). Betty, mother of an eight year old gifted boy recently asked me “When my son comes home from school, I can tell he’s upset by something that happened. I ask him to tell me about it. When he does, he gets even more upset than he already was. I don’t want to make him so upset. But I don’t want to ignore his upset either. Do I wait for …