Inspiring Results from Sharon’s Gifted Characteristics Questionnaire

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Do you feel out of sync with the world around you? If you’re a CASIGY (Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense, likely Introverted, Intelligent, maybe Gifted You) you’re right at home with your CASIGY peers.  A key finding of  my Gifted Characteristics Questionnaire is that 98% of those who completed it felt out of sync with the world around them.  Read on to get the full story .  .  .  .  . Several years ago, it gradually dawned on me that the tools that I use with my clients and teach in my classes and presentations were most helpful to Creative, Acutely aware, Super-Sensitive, …

Begin Somewhere

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Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do. Liz Smith Related Posts:Consciousness Brings More Pain, but It Also Brings More JoyNew Client FormsFinding Beauty in Life’s ScrapsBio – Sharon M. Barnes, LCSW7 Sensitive, Gifted Secrets to Have the Love You Want…Seven Steps To Overcome CSIGY OverwhelmI Hate Mothers DaySeven Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm

Have the Courage to Follow Your Talent

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Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark places where it leads. Erica Jong Related Posts:Talent is Like ElectricityFollow Your Own CASIGY TrailMerry Christmas! (What Does That Mean?)Turn Aside Your Dream and It Will Come Back to You AgainHow CASIGYs Can Become Social-Emotional ACES“My SoulShirt™ PlayShop” is Being PostponedOn the Road to First GradeLife is an Art

Our Unlimited Bank Account

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Remembering that God is my source, we are in the spiritual position of having an unlimited bank account. Most of us never consider how powerful the creator really is. Instead, we draw very limited amounts of the power available to us. We decide how powerful God is for us. We unconsciously set a limit on how much God can give us or help us. We are stingy with ourselves. And if we receive a gift beyond our imagining, we send it back. Julia Cameron. Related Posts:The Editor is Often the Enemy of the CreatorTurn Aside Your Dream and It Will …

There’s Magic in Being a CASIGY MisFit

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For CASIGY’s (Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-sensitive, Intense, Gifted You), our differences and vulnerabilities can be big obstacles to finding our passion(s) and fulfill our mission(s) in life. Gifted adults, teens and kids can often feel like Rudolph in the Christmas legend. Surely you know the story? According to the legend, young reindeer at the North Pole drill and compete to get the chance to pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas. But Rudolph was different from all the others. Horror of horrors, he had a red nose when everyone else had a black nose. Even his parents didn’t know what to do with …