Inspiring Results from Sharon’s Gifted Characteristics Questionnaire

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Do you feel out of sync with the world around you? If you’re a CASIGY (Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-Sensitive, Intense, likely Introverted, Intelligent, maybe Gifted You) you’re right at home with your CASIGY peers.  A key finding of  my Gifted Characteristics Questionnaire is that 98% of those who completed it felt out of sync with the world around them.  Read on to get the full story .  .  .  .  . Several years ago, it gradually dawned on me that the tools that I use with my clients and teach in my classes and presentations were most helpful to Creative, Acutely aware, Super-Sensitive, …

Ode to Mothers…Umm….I Hate Mother’s Day…Or Do I?

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Reflections on How to Heal our Lives, Feed our Souls, and Fund our Dreams  Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, Maurine J. Sackett, picture on the right, last June in the Cusco region of Peru. We were on our way to visit Macchu Picchu before going to Juliaca, where she had lived as a young child. Her parents were missionaries there, and started a medical clinic that is now Clinica Americana. We helped them celebrate their 90th anniversary.  She was able to “go home” to the land of her early childhood.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Happy Mom’s Day to all of …

Remembering Columbine

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A few evenings ago, I had the privilege of eating dinner in the Bistro at Aspen Grove, in Littleton, Colorado (USA) with a good friend and colleague. She and I talked about the Boston Marathon, her niece who ran it this year, how my friend found out about the bombing, how her niece fared in the race, and most importantly WAS SHE SAFE? (She was.)  My friend got a text from her sister that prompted her to turn on the TV. She was at home that day, and as she sat down in front of the TV with the remote …

There’s Magic in Being a CASIGY MisFit

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For CASIGY’s (Creative, Acutely Aware, Super-sensitive, Intense, Gifted You), our differences and vulnerabilities can be big obstacles to finding our passion(s) and fulfill our mission(s) in life. Gifted adults, teens and kids can often feel like Rudolph in the Christmas legend. Surely you know the story? According to the legend, young reindeer at the North Pole drill and compete to get the chance to pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas. But Rudolph was different from all the others. Horror of horrors, he had a red nose when everyone else had a black nose. Even his parents didn’t know what to do with …

Abandon the Urge to Simplify Everything

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Abandon the urge to simplify everything, to look for formulas and easy answers, and think multidimensionally, to glory in the mystery and paradoxes of life. – Scott Peck Related Posts:Simplify – SimplifyAn Alone JourneyBecoming More ConsciousWe Cannot Go Back. We Can Only Go ForwardBe Willing to Share PainConsciousness Brings More Pain, but It Also Brings More JoySoulBurstStopping the Blaming Game is Called Forgiveness

How to Get Unstuck

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Do you ever feel stuck? Find one thing piling on top of another? I can relate. Sometimes we don’t realize we’re getting stuck until we’re immobilized. For CASIGY’s, this can look like over-committing time, having too much to do with it all seeming crucial, or being interested in so many things that we have trouble choosing among them which leads to getting paralyzed and doing nothing. It can take many forms. The question is, how do we get unstuck when we’re stuck? Before we consider that, another question begs asking: What’s a CASIGY? CASIGY™ is an acronym for Creative, Acutely …