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5 Intuitive, Creative Steps to Heal from Life’s Hurts

An Intuitive, Creative Approach to Healing from Life’s Hurts Or, How to E-E-E-K-K Your Way Through Adversity to Destinations of Delight When tough times hit and our life’s path seems to disappear in the fog; when we are faced with illness, loss, financial reversals or other adversity, it can be easy to feel like we have lost our moorings.  We may struggle to keep our feet under us, or to change the metaphor, to keep

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Merry Christmas! (What Does That Mean?)

Merry Christmas! [Disclaimer: Here I share a psychological perspective on Christmas. This is meant to be considered in addition to the religious significance of Christmas. It is NOT meant to replace the religious view of Christmas.] Merry Christmas, focused on our inner life, means allowing ourselves to see and then to follow our inner tar in the night. Sometimes it shines brightly; other times it shines only faintly. Merry Christmas means following that star across

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