Son now taking initiative

Sharon Barnes ADHD, CASIGY, Creative Coping, emotional resilience, gifted teens

Thank you again for everything you have done for both my son and myself! He has been coming home happier than I have seen him in years, and more willing to share about his day at school than ever before. He is setting his alarm clock without reminders, taking showers without reminders, making his lunch, and seeking teachers for clarification of assignments!!!! When I tried to remind him about something last week, he said, “If you want me to be independent, let me be independent and figure it out for myself.” I am so happy that he is taking the …


Sharon Barnes

Thank you Sharon. I experienced affirmation and helpful redirection on things to improve!! FN, webinar participant.

Beautiful, thank you

Sharon Barnes

Thank you for writing this Sharon. It is beautiful and came at just the right time for me. I appreciate the time, effort and insight it took to write and share. God bless.[ emailed 3-24-17 RE: How to Spring Into Life When Change Isn’t Easy]

Amazing Insights and Strategies

Sharon Barnes

Thank you again for all of your amazing insights and strategies that I’m finding myself using daily.  CASIGY Social-Emotional ACES participant

Discipline works better

Sharon Barnes

My husband and I  have been using the tools you gave us about misbehavior and emotional needs. Discipline is going so much better this way, thank you! Mom of 6 year old highly sensitive child.

Recognizing our limits

Sharon Barnes

“Since using the Personal Power Pyramid almost very day, we’re recognizing our limits in time to honor them, instead or running right over them like we used to do. This helps us in so many ways.” Mom of 10 year old gifted girl.

Using ACES tools creates peace

Sharon Barnes

We’re ALL using the ACES tools almost every day in some way. It helps our intense family members all be more peaceful and take challenges in stride much better than we used to. Mom of 7 & 9 year old highly sensitive boys.

Courage Cycles

Sharon Barnes

I like your cycles of discouragement and encouragement. We barely scratched the surface of you have here. I want to learn more. Attendee CAGT 2016


Sharon Barnes

I like all the steps in the pyramid to help Gifted kids become social-emotional aces. We need more time to learn more about all of this! Attendee CAGT 2016

Ride the Waves

Sharon Barnes

I like how you showed that gifted kids can learn to accept and ride their waves of emotion. Attendee CAGT 2016