Facing Pain Truthfully

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Only those who face their pain truthfully can let go of it and move forward with their creative energy and self-esteem intact. David Viscott Related Posts:Be Willing to Share PainConsciousness Brings More Pain, but It Also Brings More JoyWilderness – a Place of Learning, Spiritual Growth andSimplify – SimplifyWe Cannot Go Back. We Can Only Go ForwardBalancing Your CASIGY™ LifeFinding Beauty in Life’s ScrapsMission Statement

Catch and Release Living is Simply This

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Catch and release living is simply this: Breathe in; feel it (all of what you are experiencing physically and emotionally right now). Breathe out; release it (all of what you are experiencing physically and emotionally right now). Then again: Breathe in, feel it. Breathe out, release it. ScrapLady Sharon Barnes Related Posts:Relaxation Breathing ExercisesLife’s A Bicycle – How to Balance Your Life LikeHow to Heal from Life’s Hurts-An Intuitive, Creative…Healing Trauma in Creative, Sensitive and Gifted PeopleCommunication IsRemembering Columbine: Helping Creative, Highly Sensitive…How to Prevent Holiday Meltdowns!New Client Forms

Emotions Are Like Ocean Waves

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  Emotions are like ocean waves: Fight them and lose. Flow with them . . . for the ride of your life. −ScrapLady Sharon Barnes Related Posts:How to Ride Out Life’s Tough Times: Hang Loose in the…How to Help Your Creative, Sensitive or Gifted Kids Weather…Remembering Columbine: Helping Creative, Highly Sensitive…Are You Facing AdversityHow to Heal from Life’s Hurts-An Intuitive, Creative…Healing Trauma in Creative, Sensitive and Gifted PeopleCreating Beauty From Life’s Scraps — From a New…Life’s A Bicycle – How to Balance Your Life Like

Surrender the Moments as They Pass

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If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments. Anne Morrow Lindbergh Related Posts:ProvidenceThe Quarrel with OneselfHappy HalloweenOde to Mothers…Umm….I Hate Mother’s…AboutI Hate Mothers DayThe difference between a creative person and a creative…Media Placements

Solutions to Problems May Be Found in the Circumstances

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There is no problem which does not have an appropriate solution. . . the solution often may be found in the circumstances creating the problem. – Napoleon Hill Related Posts:The First Duty of Every Human BeingLife Is Not a Problem To Be SolvedCompost is Nature’s Original Recycling ProjectGiftednessCreating Our WorldCreating Beauty from Life’s Scraps: The Foggy Days…Creating Beauty From Life’s ScrapsA SoulShirt™ = Wearing Your Soul On Your Sleeve –…

Here’s How to Laugh

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Those who don’t know how to weep with their whole heart don’t know how to laugh either. –Golda Meir Related Posts:The ClockLive as Much From the Heart as From the HeadHas Your Life Gone Up in Smoke?7 Sensitive, Gifted Secrets to Have the Love You Want…Tips for Starting the New Year Off RightLife Lessons Learned While QuiltingSensitive Gifted New Years ToolsA SoulShirt™ = Wearing Your Soul On Your Sleeve –…

Keep Yourself Well-Oiled with Life

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Keep yourself well-oiled with life, with laughter, and action—or you’ll rust out. – unknown Related Posts:A First Step in Our EducationFollow Your Own CASIGY TrailThe Soul is Explosive and PowerfulLifeStickNotice of Privacy PracticesMy SoulShirt PlayShopSharon’s ModalitiesMistakes – Antidote to Perfectionism

CASIGY’s Secrets to Overcoming Holiday Blues – Creative, Sensitive, Introverted Gifted People

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In the northern hemisphere, December brings darkness, and for some this brings the blues, AKA depression. As the loss of light progresses, veils of separation may also thin, connecting us more easily to our inner depths. Old issues we have dealt with can resurface, sometimes with an intensity that belies the work we have already done with them. Typical CASIGY (Creative, Sensitive, Acutely, Aware, Introverted, Gifted) issues such as inferiority, perfectionism, and a feeling of not belonging rear their ugly heads with a vengeance. New ones may wiggle in, too. Then there’s the waning economy; the holidays; you name it. The …

I Hate Mothers Day

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Reflections on How to to Heal our Lives, Feed our Souls, and Grow our Dreams I hate Mother’s Day. Awful though it sounds, I’ve hated mother’s day for a very long time.  I’ve also felt guilty that I hated it. I also know it’s not politically correct, so I’ve not said out loud. But it’s time to admit it. I hate Mother’s Day. I first hated it when I was in my twenties. I felt hurt and angry at my mother for many things that she had done or not done that hurt me when I was young. The more …